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As a leading area HVAC contractor, we provide a full range of Gaithersburg air conditioning services, including AC maintenance, installation, repair, and replacement. Whether you are thinking of upgrading from a window unit to central air, you are building a new home or development, or your old air conditioner just is not going to make it another year, we can help.

Our customers trust our recommendations and our work because of our longevity and our reputation in the community. When you’re not sure whether to go with AC repair or replacement, Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning can give you recommendations backed by our over 40 years of experience. We never try to sell you anything you don’t need — we want you to make the best decision for yourself based on the facts.

To request service or a free estimate, we encourage you to call (301) 719-3315 or contact us online today!

What We Do

Our friendly, professional HVAC technicians are licensed, certified, and highly qualified to work on all types of air conditioners. Plus, we are responsive, thorough, fast, and efficient.

Our Gaithersburg air conditioning services include expert help with:

  • AC Installation. When you are looking to install a new air conditioning system but are not sure where to start, we are happy to assess your home or building’s cooling needs, recommend the most effective and energy-efficient AC units, and complete prompt installations designed to ensure maximum performance. We strive to make the process as smooth and minimally disruptive as possible, offering professional guidance from beginning to end.
  • AC Repair. When your AC system starts to suffer issues that affect performance or energy efficiency, you need dependable solutions fast. Our trained technicians understand how to quickly diagnose and fix many issues across a wide variety of AC models. Whether you are dealing with seemingly minor hiccups or complex mechanical problems, we can handle repair needs of any scope. No matter what is wrong, we are here when you need us most. 
  • AC Maintenance, Service, & Tune-Ups. Scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance and tune-ups will help ensure optimal performance and extend your system’s service life. Routine maintenance can help identify and resolve seemingly small issues before they escalate into costly repair jobs or system failures. A well-maintained AC unit operates more efficiently, saving energy and reducing your utility bills. Plus, a regularly serviced AC system also improves indoor air quality by ensuring clean, filtered air circulation, contributing to a healthier living environment. We offer comprehensive AC maintenance services tailored to your specific needs. Our experts will conduct thorough inspections and tune-ups, including cleaning the unit, checking for leaks, assessing the refrigerant level, testing the thermostat’s accuracy, and inspecting the electric components and controls for any potential issues.
  • Central Air Systems. Central air systems work by circulating cool air through a network of supply and return ducts. Initially, cool air is produced when warm air from your home is blown over the evaporator coil, which is then cooled by refrigerant. This cooled air is then circulated throughout your home via the supply ducts. Simultaneously, the system draws warmer air back into the return ducts to repeat the cooling process. This mechanism ensures an even, consistent cooling throughout your home, increasing comfort levels during hot weather. Notably, central air systems are quieter, more powerful, and more energy-efficient than individual cooling units. We are well-versed in the installation, repair, and maintenance of central air systems. Our HVAC technicians can provide expert advice on the right system for your needs based on the size and design of your home or building, among other factors.
  • Heat Pumps. Heat pumps are innovative and energy-efficient solutions for cooling homes and buildings. During the hotter months, heat pumps function like an air conditioner. They use a refrigerant to absorb heat from inside the house and transfer it outdoors, thus cooling the indoor air. A heat pump also dehumidifies the air as it cools it, enhancing the comfort levels in your home or commercial space. What sets heat pumps apart from traditional air conditioning systems is their versatility. In cooler seasons, the process is reversed, allowing the same system to provide heating by extracting heat from the outdoor air and moving it indoors. Our seasoned professionals are skilled in installing various models of heat pumps, ensuring they are configured to operate optimally for your specific space. We are familiar with the most efficient heat pumps available on the market, and we offer expert guidance to help you choose a model that best fits your cooling and heating needs, as well as your budget. We can also assist with regular maintenance and repairs so that your heat pump continues to operate at its best.
  • Geothermal Cooling Systems. Geothermal systems utilize the stable thermal properties of the earth to deliver a powerful cooling solution. During the warmer months, a geothermal cooling system works by transferring heat from your home into the ground. A network of underground pipes absorbs the heat from your home or commercial space and disperses it into the cooler soil or water below the surface. The cooled fluid then returns to the house or building, where it absorbs more heat, and the process repeats. This method of cooling is highly efficient, using less electricity than traditional air conditioning systems, and can significantly reduce your energy costs. Our team of professionals is adept at designing and installing geothermal systems tailored to your home or business’s specific needs. Like all other types of heating systems, we can also handle preventative maintenance and any necessary repairs.
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How Often Does My Air Conditioning System Need Maintenance?

Every air conditioning system needs preventative maintenance, no matter how new or advanced it is. Our Gaithersburg air conditioning services aim to make getting the appropriate amount of maintenance simple and easy.

How often your specific AC system will need maintenance depends on its age, the model type, and how heavily it is used. Generally, we recommend you have your AC system inspected and serviced at least once a year. This is to ensure its optimal performance, efficiency, and longevity.

You should ideally aim to schedule your annual maintenance and tune-up in the spring before summer arrives. This timing allows any potential issues to be detected and resolved before the peak cooling season. 

If you have an older AC system that is prone to more frequent issues or a commercial system that experiences high usage, you may need more frequent inspections and maintenance. In these cases, you should potentially consider scheduling a tune-up at least twice a year – once before the summer, and once after the season ends. This would ensure that your system is functioning at its best when you need it the most and that any wear and tear incurred during the heavy usage period is addressed promptly.

Still not sure how often your air conditioning system needs tune-ups? We never push services you do not need and will give you an honest assessment of how frequently you should schedule maintenance.

Signs Your Air Conditioning System Needs Repairs

If you think something may be wrong with your AC system, you should not wait to reach out to Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning to diagnose and fix the problem. Waiting too long to address a potential issue can result in avoidable system breakdowns that require expensive repairs.

  • Inadequate Cooling. If you notice that your AC system is not cooling your home as effectively as it used to, or if some rooms are colder than others, something is probably wrong with your system. Insufficient or uneven cooling can be caused by a variety of underlying issues, including a low refrigerant level, a problem with the compressor, or issues with the ductwork.
  • Unusual Noises. While it is normal for an AC system to make some noise when starting up and shutting down, persistent unusual noises like grinding, squealing, or rattling can indicate a problem. It could be something as simple as a loose part, or it could point to a more serious issue such as a failing motor.
  • Unexpectedly High Energy Bills. A sudden increase in your energy bills without a corresponding increase in usage is often a clear sign that your AC system is not running efficiently and may need repairs or replacement. A dirty or clogged filter, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a refrigerant leak may be to blame.
  • Frequent Cycling. Your AC system will cycle on and off to maintain the desired temperature, aggressive, frequent cycling could indicate a problem. It may be a sign that your system is struggling to maintain the desired temperature, which could be due to issues like a dirty air filter, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a low refrigerant level.
  • Unpleasant Odors. If foul or unusual smells are coming from your AC system, it likely needs repairs. Musty smells can indicate mold or mildew growth in the ductwork, while a burning smell could signal an electrical issue.
  • Excessive Moisture or Leaks. While condensation around your AC unit can be normal, excessive moisture or visible leaks are not. They could indicate a refrigerant leak, which can cause serious health risks, or it could be a sign that the condensate drain is not functioning properly.

Our Gaithersburg air conditioning services include responsive, dependable repairs, so do not hesitate to call (301) 719-3315 or contact us online today!

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