How to Make Sure Your Thermostat is Working Correctly

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Does the air coming out of your vents seem warmer than usual? Adjusting your thermostat but not feeling any change?

Whether you are performing routine air conditioning service or you are experiencing problems with your system, there are several ways to check your thermostat to ensure it is working correctly.

Before you call your local HVAC service and repair or heating repair, consider these tips on how to check your thermostat.

Installation and Inspection

Your thermostat should be placed in the central part of your home, approximately five feet up the length of the wall. This will help prevent structural complications and abnormal behavior. If you think your unit is not working properly, the first step is to give your unit a good once-over. Make sure that filters are clean and that all hoses are intact.


A low or improperly installed battery can prevent your thermostat from working correctly.

If your unit is not working properly after a new battery, you may be looking at bigger issues.

Check the Furnace

Turn the thermostat to heat with the fan on auto or on, position the temperature 10 degrees above the current temperature, and listen for the furnace to kick on. If the furnace turns on, the thermostat is working. Repeat this test with the cooling system to rule out all of your problems.

What if you just hear clicks and noises? If you hear noises from the furnace after you adjust the temperature, but the unit does not turn on, then the thermostat is still working, but perhaps not at full capacity.

Call the Professionals

Exhausted all of your options? When new batteries and thorough cleaning just wont cut it, contact a professional air conditioning service company. Professionals with Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning provide maintenance repair services, and Carrier heat pumps for your needs.

Prevent problems and fix existing issues with regular HVAC service and repair. Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning provides heating repair and air conditioning services for your all of your cooling and heating system needs.

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