Tips for Using Ceiling Fans in Each Room to Increase Your Home’s A/C Efficiency

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  • Fan Placement

The ideal placement of a ceiling fan depends on a few factors—ceiling height and pitch, room size, and blade size. Ceiling fans are usually most efficient when placed in the center of the room, although you might consider placing them in areas where people tend to congregate. In large rectangular rooms, two fans allow for better cooling power.

  • Counter-Clockwise For Summer Use

Ceiling fans typically revolve counter-clockwise—this allows for air to be pushed downward. This is ideal in the summer months because it gives you that all-important “ wind chill factor”—which makes it feel up to 7 degrees cooler in your home. That means you could raise your thermostat 7 degrees to achieve the same temperature while saving tons of money on your energy bill.

  • Clockwise For Winter Use

You may have never guessed, but ceiling fans are great in the winter, too! Simply put your fan in the reverse setting, and the air goes up towards the ceiling, circulating the hot air that often gets trapped near the ceiling. Better circulation of hot air allows for maximum furnace efficiency.

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