How to Prepare Your Furnace for Long Periods of Disuse

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When summer finally comes around and you can turn off the furnace, it is almost always a reason to celebrate. However, you should perform annual heating repair and service to ensure that when you go to turn your furnace back on in the fall, everything works properly. Servicing your furnace before a period of disuse can cut down on potential problems and expensive heating repair costs.

Therefore, follow these steps to get your furnace or Carrier heat pumps ready for any period of disuse.

  • Check The Fan Blades

A winter full of working hard could easily clog up your furnace’s fan blades. These blades are the part of the system that draw cold air into the furnace and pump out warm air. Make sure to check and clean the blades regularly.

  • Turn Off The Pilot Light

Some people leave the pilot light to their furnace on all summer. This might make the job of switching from an air conditioning service to heating service easier, but it can also waste money.

  • Schedule A Heating Repair And Service Appointment

The best time to schedule a heating repair appointment for your furnace is actually at the start of the warm spring and summer months. This way if there is a problem, then you won’t be miserable and cold while you wait for the right heating repair parts to show up.

Whether you have a standalone furnace or a full HVAC system, service and repair are vital to making sure that your family remains comfortable during the changing seasons. The best way to protect yourself is to make it a habit to schedule a yearly heating and air conditioning service appointment.

If you are looking for an excellent, experienced company to do the job, then give Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning a call. We are licensed to work in Gaithersburg. Let us handle this year’s HVAC service and repair so you can enjoy a pleasant home or office year round.

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