Do You Know What Geothermal Energy Is?

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Low energy costs and efficiency go hand in hand. Heating a home with geothermal energy can save energy by using natural, renewable energy stored in the ground. As the sun heats the Earth, much of this heat energy remains just under the surface at about 60 degrees year-round.

Two types of geothermal systems can be used to power a home—open loop and closed loop systems. Closed loop systems are the most common in suburban areas and are versatile in their placement possibilities. During the wintertime, the heat stored in the Earth’s crust is compressed, augmented, and circulated throughout the home. In the summer, heat is removed from the house and pumped into the ground. For more information regarding the cost-effectiveness, low maintenance requirements, and eco-friendly components, watch this video!

Presidential Heating & Air Conditioningcan help show you the real-world benefits of using geothermal energy. For more information, visit us online or call us at (301) 719-3315 today.

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