The Importance of Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

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Did you know that well-maintained air conditioning units last longer, perform more reliably, and deliver better performance than those that are poorly maintained? Fortunately, quality air conditioning service in Gaithersburg is as easy as contacting Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning. Read on to learn more about why AC maintenance is so important.


The performance of your air conditioner will suffer if it is not properly maintained. An air conditioning service company will thoroughly check the condensate drains, coils, and coil fins to ensure everything is functioning properly. Clogged filters reduce AC unit performance, so change them once per month during cooling season.

Energy Use

A poorly maintained air conditioner is inefficient. In fact, the Department of Energy found that replacing a dirty air filter with a clean one can lower your air conditioning unit’s energy use up to 15 percent. The money you spend on higher energy bills could be used to pay for AC maintenance instead.

Unit Life

A routinely maintained air conditioning unit will last considerably longer than one that is neglected. When debris builds up in the filter, condenser, or coils, the air conditioning unit must work harder. Over time, this takes a toll on the air conditioner and causes the parts to wear out faster.

Repair Bills

Basic AC maintenance, such as cleaning the condenser coils, replacing dirty filters, and inspecting for leaks, can prevent serious problems down the road. The cost of preventable AC repairs is typically much higher than the cost of having the unit thoroughly maintained every year.


Sparsely maintained air conditioning units are more likely to break down, requiring an AC technician to come to your home and fix it before it begins working again. To avoid dealing with the hassle and discomfort of a broken air conditioner, keep up with AC maintenance.

For quality HVAC service and repair in Gaithersburg, call Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning of Gaithersburg, MD at (301) 719-3315. Locally owned and operated, we have more than 32 years of experience to offer. Visit our website to learn more about our regular inspection and maintenance program.

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