AC Maintenance for the Summer Months

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Inspect Refrigerant Lines

When you schedule AC repair with your HVAC professional during the summer, you may want to ask your technician to inspect your refrigerant lines. Refrigerant is the liquid substance that is used to generate all of the cool air that comes from your system. By having your refrigerant lines inspected, you can ensure that your AC unit is not at risk of springing a leak.

Replace Your Air Filters

At the start of the summer season, you should be sure to replace your air filters. Your air conditioner’s air filter is responsible for clearing away nasty particles from your indoor air. Over the days and months, your air filter can quickly become clogged with debris. With routine air filter changes during the summer, you can ensure the performance and efficiency of your system.

Remove Leaves and Debris

Over the winter months, falling leaves around your air conditioner condenser can quickly get caught in the fans and coils. To maintain your air conditioner this summer, it is a great idea to spend time removing leaves and other forms of debris from your system. Leaves can block your condenser, preventing cool air from flowing into your house. With these simple maintenance procedures, you will go a long ways towards ensuring your cool comfort, all summer long.

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