Examining the Most Common Air Conditioner Problems

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Leaking Refrigerant

Leaking refrigerant is among the most common air conditioner problems that you may experience at home. When an air conditioner has a leak in its refrigerant line, its performance, safety, and efficiency could become compromised. If you suspect a refrigerant leak in your AC unit, you should be sure to contact a professional HVAC repair company right away.

Electronic Failure

If you were to look inside your air conditioner compressor unit, you would find a series of sophisticated electronic controls. When one or more of these electronic components fails, your air conditioner could stop working altogether. For example, if the wires and terminals in your air conditioner become worn or corroded, this could cause your air conditioner fan to stop blowing. An HVAC service professional will be able to repair any electronic issues with your AC unit.

Thermostat Issues

Finally, thermostat issues can also cause problems with your air conditioner. In order to determine how much cold air to deliver to the rooms throughout your home, your air conditioner relies on a finely tuned thermostat. If the thermostat sensor is damaged or improperly place, your air conditioner may start to run too hot or too cold. At the first sign of an air conditioner or thermostat issue, be sure to contact your HVAC professional right away.

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