A Look at How Air Conditioning Works

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Think of Them as a Refrigerator

In many ways, the air conditioner has a lot in common with the refrigerator that you use to keep food fresh. The difference between your fridge and an air conditioner is that one is designed to keep a small space very cold while the other is designed to keep your entire house at a comfortable temperature. Think of the walls of your house as the walls of a refrigerator and you’ll have a better idea of how the device works.

They Absorb Heat from the Air

An air conditioner uses coils to convert refrigerants from a liquid into a gas repeatedly. These refrigerants are capable of changing form at lower temperatures, and when they change, they absorb heat in the process. This is what turns the hot air into cold air, as the hot air is being passed by coils which are using these refrigerants to absorb the heat from the air surrounding them, thus creating refrigeration.

Evaporation, Compression and Condensation
There are three processes going on in your air conditioner at any given time. The evaporator coil evaporates the liquid inside and creates heat absorption, making the air in your home cooler. The compressor then pressurizes the refrigerant that was pumped through the evaporator so that the process of evaporation can take place again. Compression creates heat, which the condenser then pumps out of the back of the unit. Air conditioner maintenance ensures the continued function of evaporation, compression and condensation in your device.

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