An Essential Guide to Pellet Stove Maintenance

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Empty and Clean the Ash Trap

During the heating season, try to empty out the ash Pan or ash Bucket at least once a week. The ash Pan is usually located Under the Stove. A special ash vacuum can make this task incredibly easy, and unlike a conventional home vacuum cleaner these special vacuums can pick up fine soot and ash without contaminating your indoor air.

Clear Out Unburned Pellets

On occasion, check to see if there are any unburned pellets in the stove hopper. These pellets can collect moisture and affect your stove’s efficiency and heat output. If you constantly notice unburned pellets in the stove, it could be a sign of a problem and you should have the stove inspected by a heating professional in your area.

Clean the Glass

In addition to making the stove look better, keeping the glass clean will help you tell whether the fuel is burning efficiently or not. Before you attempt to clean the glass (with a commercial glass cleaner made specifically for heated glass) turn off the stove and wait about 30 minutes for the glass to cool before wiping down the inside and outside surfaces.

Schedule Professional Inspection

One of the best ways to keep your pellet stove in tip-top shape during the heating season is to have a qualified pellet stove professional here in Gaithersburg inspect your stove and make any repairs or adjustments Cleanings as needed. This can also help you avoid a costly and uncomfortable situation in the middle of winter by making sure your pellet stove lasts through the season.

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