Examining the Features of Honeywell Thermostats

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Are you still using the same thermostat in your home that you were using a decade ago? If you are, you are missing out on a lot of great features that could help you manage your heating and cooling needs better. By having a professional HVAC company in Gaithersburg install a new Honeywell wifi thermostat, you can control your heating and air conditioning more effectively and keep your energy costs down as a result. Here are some of the features that come with most Honeywell thermostats.


If you are still manually controlling the temperature of your home, as opposed to programming the temperature for certain times of the day. Believe it or not, there are, and those people are likely spending way more than they should on heating and cooling their homes. All Honeywell thermostats are programmable, so you have the ability to control the temperature of your home without having to jump up and reset the temperature throughout the day. Just program the temperatures you want based on the time and day, and your thermostat will handle the rest.


If, for some reason, you do need to access your thermostat but aren’t able to get to it, you will still be able to do it through your smartphone. Thanks to the Wi-Fi capabilities built into most Honeywell thermostats, you can control the temperature of your home from anywhere with the touch of a few buttons on your phone. It’s very easy to set up and we promise that you’ll enjoy the convenience that comes along with it.

Touch Screens

When you decide to use your Honeywell thermostat (as opposed to using your smartphone to access it) its easy-to-use touch screen interface makes it a breeze! In fact, the user interface of your thermostat will look and feel a lot like your smartphone. You’ll love checking out all of the cool features that your Honeywell thermostat has—and your wallet will be a little heavier too. For more information on these thermostats and how they can help your home, call Presidential Heating and Air today!

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