Understanding Air Conditioning Heat Pumps

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If you want a more energy efficient way of air conditioning in Gaithersburg, you may want to look into heat pumps. Though cooling your home with a heat pump may sound contradictory, this system is incredibly effective. Whether you need to heat or cool your home, turn the wireless thermostat on, and your heat pump will deliver.

What a Heat Pump Does

A heat pump is a type of air cycling unit that can either heat or cool your home or space. There will usually be two parts of the system: An air handler located inside, and a heat pump, similar to an air conditioner, located outside. A compressor within the unit continually circulates a substance known as refrigerant. This substance absorbs and releases the heat traveling through the two units. Depending on how you set the thermostat, the heat pump can release the air inside the house or outside.

How a Heat Pump Cools

When you turn your wireless thermostat to a cooler temperature, the heat pump should begin to transfer the heat in your home to the outside. As the heat is transferred to the outside, the air in your home will cool. This is a more energy efficient solution to traditional air conditioners, and heat pumps are just as effective as their cooling counterparts.

How a Heat Pump Heats

Heat pumps are not recommended to heat homes located in extremely cold areas. When the wireless thermostat is turned up to heat the house, the heat pump will take any possible heat from outside and transfer it to inside the home. Even in the coldest weather, a little bit of heat can be found, as the heat pump pulls geothermal heat from the ground. However, when you live in an area with extreme winters, you may want to purchase an additional heat source for your home. In the interest of saving money though, a heat pump only uses electricity—instead of a gas furnace or pellet stove—so you may find a heat pump to be a desirable component of your HVAC system.

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