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HVAC SystemEvery home needs a dependable HVAC system. If your Gaithersburg household’s heating and air conditioning systems aren’t running as efficiently as they could be, however, it’s possible that you could benefit from having a brand new HVAC system in your home. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you decide whether to replace your HVAC system this year.

Is my HVAC system keeping my home comfortable? The first and most obvious question you should ask is whether your home is actually staying as warm or as cool as you want it to be. If some of the rooms in your house always feel chilly, or if you find yourself putting on a sweater even when your heating system is running, it’s a strong sign that your current HVAC system is not providing you with top-quality service, and that you might want to consider investing in a new one.

How old is my HVAC system? The older your heating and cooling system is, the more inefficient it is likely to be. In addition to the natural wear and tear that happens to every HVAC system over time, a system that is more than a decade old is not going to operate as efficiently as a newer model will. A brand new model can provide you with the smart, efficient service you deserve.

Are my heating and cooling bills too high? If you find yourself spending a lot of money to keep your house comfortable, an inefficient HVAC system could be responsible. When an HVAC system isn’t running efficiently, it’s likely to translate into high utility bills, since you’ll need to run your air conditioning or heating system more often to keep your house at your preferred temperature. Older systems also tend to require more frequent repairs. Replacing your HVAC system may be the smartest solution for your budget.

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