A Look at the Newest Home Thermostats on the Market

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home thermostatsOver 100 years ago, a dedicated engineer first solved one of mankind’s most persistent problems by inventing a method of controlling the indoor environment. We may not be able to control the weather outside, but technology now allows us to confidently manage the temperature, humidity, and comfort level inside our own home.

HVAC systems rely upon a thermostat to directly monitor and control the temperature levels in your home. A faulty home thermostat can lead to an uncomfortable environment indoors, particularly during hot summer months. An old, malfunctioning, or manual unit may mean it’s time to replace your home thermostat. Changing the temperature on your home thermostat can help reduce energy bill costs and ensures a comfortable home life. If you’re fed up of your old thermostat, it’s time to take a look at some of the newest home thermostats on the market:

Infinity Control

Homeowners who appreciate the value of precise comfort control and the simplicity of an easy to use user interface will benefit from an Infinity Control thermostat. The Infinity Control gives you the choice between displaying the current indoor or outside climate measurements.

The Infinity Control’s time period feature allows you to set specific interior comfort settings to direct the system’s usage until you decide things need to be adjusted in accordance with changes in season. The Infinity Control thermostat also allows you to control your home environment when you’re on vacation. Thanks to its useful vacation button, it can be activated or deactivated according to your convenience. Infinity Control thermostat systems are the ultimate control center for all of your system components.

First Family of Thermostats

The Comfort Series home thermostats are brought to you by Carrier. Carrier Comfort Series home thermostats give you as little or as much control over your indoor comfort as you wish. This series has both programmable and non-programmable options.

home thermostatsIf you prefer to avoid the upfront time investment required to program your own home thermostat, Carrier’s non-programmable version may be your best option. This simplified model involves the use of a single button that holds the house’s temperature at a consistent and steady level indefinitely. It really doesn’t get any easier!

If, however, customization appeals to you and your preferences are more specific, the programmable version may be a better fit. Among other features, this more advanced model allows you to set separate schedules for your working week and for the weekend, economizing your energy usage while away from home. The thermostat’s programming method is called 5/2 programming (assuming you work five days out of seven) and is designed to work in tandem with your lifestyle.

Both versions of the Comfort Series are easy to use. Illustrated display features with simple graphics and large, easy-to-read instructions make navigating the thermostat’s setup and features a breeze. With the Comfort Series, maintaining maximum comfort in your home is as simple as pressing a few buttons.

Infinity Touch Control

The Infinity Touch Control is another home thermostat designed by Carrier. Pairing the Infinity Touch Control with the Carrier Infinity zoning system allows you to precisely control the temperature in up to eight different rooms or zones in your home.

The Infinity system pairing is perfect if your climate needs vary substantially throughout the house. For example, if you work from home, your office or study might be the most important room to comfortably maintain during the day. Additionally, if members of your household are always clashing over the thermostat at bedtime, the Infinity system allows everyone to have full control over their room’s climate without impacting the rest of the house.

Controlling each room separately using the Infinity Touch Control thermostat can also reduce hot and cold spots throughout the house significantly. Zoning is a great way to ensure you don’t spend money keeping rarely used rooms hot or cold. This is particularly useful for areas that serve as transitional spaces to and from more central rooms. For example, if you have a dining room that is only used on special occasions, a zoned thermostat control system allows you to lower the HVAC output in the room until Thanksgiving rolls around.

Wi-Fi Thermostat

The Carrier Wi-Fi Thermostat is a very convenient device that can be accessed and controlled remotely using the free, downloadable mobile app. The Wi-Fi Thermostat’s remote features mean that you don’t have to worry ever again about forgetting to program your home thermostat while away. The advanced software and smart capability of this thermostat makes it easy for you to monitor your home’s energy use, adjust your comfort preferences, and even monitor the weather so you can make sensible decisions about temperature control wherever you are.

Carrier Performance Series

The Carrier Performance Series is one of the newest home thermostats on the market and comes with a plethora of interesting features. The Performance Series is designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Home thermostats are often a bulky and unattractive eyesore, but this is not the case with the Carrier Performance Series thermostat. The Performance Series thermostat is less than one inch thick and features a large screen with modern, minimalist design. The thermostat also transitions automatically from heating to cooling because of its auto changeover function. If you want to input specific settings into this thermostat, it may be easily programmed from a computer using Carrier ExP technology. The options available to you include seven-day programming, four settings per day, settings for when you’re on vacation, and more.

Maintaining Comfort

All of these new home thermostats on the market are designed with your convenience in mind. They each provide the opportunity to customize your home’s climate to your particular needs, allowing you to maintain the comfort in your home in whatever manner makes the most sense for your family. Installing a new thermostat or upgrading an old one will make a long-lasting difference to your living space.

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