Three New Technologies Transforming the HVAC Industry

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Are you considering replacing or updating your old heating and cooling system? The HVAC industry is changing every year, with new technologies constantly emerging that make it simpler and more efficient than ever to keep your home comfortable. Any homeowner committed to bringing their system into the 21st century would be well advised to become well-versed in the following new technologies that are transforming residential HVAC as we know it.

Geothermal Energy

HVAC system Geothermal EnergyAlthough this technology isn’t technically new, geothermal heating is one of the newest areas of technological innovation for heating and cooling the home. Geothermal energy is the natural heat, or thermal energy, that is found in the earth. Many people think of exotic examples like hot springs and magma when picturing geothermal energy, however this energy is likely available in your own backyard!

Although geothermal has come a long way, the technology has still yet to fulfill its full potential. There is yet to be a method of extracting the naturally occurring geothermal energy found three to six miles under the Earth’s surface. Luckily for homeowners, innovation is coming. As it currently stands, we have the capability to not only channel this thermal energy to heat and cool our homes with heat pump technology, but we can also harness it to produce electricity.

Geothermal Energy Heat Pumps

Tapping geothermal energy through heat pump technology is a relatively new innovation that is relevant for homeowners, particularly because it’s so widely accessible. It just uses the natural warmth of the earth and doesn’t require naturally occurring hot springs, so any homeowner can opt for this version of geothermal technology for their home heating system.

Moreover, you can actually get geothermal systems that keep your home cool and warm. These are known as ‘geothermal heating and cooling systems’ or ‘geothermal heat pump systems’. They consist of three parts: the pump itself, the heat exchanging mechanism, and the delivery system. This clever design works with the seasons to provide comfort in your home, becoming a natural air conditioning system in the summer and a natural heating system in the winter.

Geothermal Direct Use

Direct use is when we use tools to take advantage of geothermal heating power directly from the source—our Earth. This is not a new phenomenon. In fact, humanity has been doing this for thousands of years. A good modern example of this is when you see people taking a nice relaxing dip in a hot spring, or a resort that resides on hot springs offering spas to its customers. One type of temperature maintenance system is created by drilling a well into a geothermal reservoir in order to provide a constant supply of hot water.

In-System UV Lighting

In system UV lighting is a developing technology that brings a new age of hygiene to your home’s ductwork. There are many benefits to having UV lighting installed in your HVAC system by a professional. A common problem homeowners experience as their HVAC systems age within their home is the proliferation of contaminants such as molds, germs, and bacteria. Dust and dirt also tend to build up over time, detracting from your home’s indoor air quality. All of these contaminants impair the air quality in your home and can cause a host of ailments from breathing problems to nasal congestion.

Having UV lighting installed mitigates the threats posed by these harmful substances. Doing so has two distinct advantages. First, you and your family will enjoy better quality air. Secondly, your system will need less repairs and maintenance over the years. By helping to keep the coils clean, your system will also reduce your energy bills because of its heightened efficiency.

Additionally, in-system UV lighting reduces any odors which permeate your house. This is a must-have if you have numerous pets, or messy teenagers who like to eat food in their bedroom and leave moldy plates lying around.


HVAC system thermostatsYour system might be in good working order, but have you considered investing in a new thermostat? Older thermostats are often difficult to figure out, and as homeowners living a busy lifestyle, it’s difficult to get the time to sit and browse through the manual. Moreover, if you’ve had it for years, you probably threw the manual out!

Thermostat technology is really impressive these days. Customizable thermostats can be programmed easily with convenient buttons and settings that allow you to decide exactly when and where you want your cold or warm air to be emitted. Buying a new thermostat could save you the expense of having a perfectly good HVAC system replaced, while also saving you money every paycheck.

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