Preparing Your Furnace for the Winter

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Winter weather will be here before you know it. To ensure that you are not left in the cold this winter, it is a great idea to schedule furnace maintenance for your home. By setting up a furnace repair appointment with a qualified technician, you can rest assured that your heating equipment will be working great throughout the winter season. A company specializing in furnace repair in Montgomery County can ensure that your heating system is in great working order. In addition, your technician can tell you more about HVAC maintenance plans that will protect your heating and cooling throughout the year. To help you get ready for the upcoming season, here is a look at some ways that you can prepare your furnace for winter.

Change the Air Filter

One of the most important steps of furnace maintenance is to change your air filter. Before you turn on your furnace for the first time during the winter, you will want to make sure that the air filter is clean and free of clogs. A clean air filter lowers the risk of a fire and improves indoor air quality. You may need to replace your air filter once every month during the winter season.

Open Your Air Vents

When you are preparing to heat your home with your furnace, you will need to open all of your air vents. As you open each vent, make sure that it is clear and free of dust, dirt, and other debris. Once all of your air vents have been opened, you will be ready to heat your home.

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

Before the winter months set in, it is a great idea to schedule a professional furnace maintenance appointment for your home. During your furnace maintenance appointment, your technician will inspect your unit for any signs of damage or problems. With preventative maintenance, you will be able to repair any problems before they become serious issues.

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