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best heat pump style in 2018Enhance the comfort level in your home by upgrading your heat pump. Heat pumps do much more than just heat your home. They also double as an air conditioner and offer humidity control. Heat pumps do not generate heat, but rather transfer it, resulting in significant cost savings compared to furnaces and central AC units. There are three primary types of heat pumps, including split ductless, air source, and geothermal. If you are considering upgrading to a new heat pump, you may be wondering which are best.

Infinity 20 Heat Pump – 25VNA0

The Infinity 20 Heat Pump offers high-efficiency performance in a conveniently small cabinet. Featuring Greenspeed intelligence, it features multi-stage technology and unsurpassed humidity control designed to accommodate all types of homes.

Greenspeed intelligence was created by combining Infinity’s control intelligence with adaptable-speed technology, allowing the heating unit to adapt its output to the unique needs of the home. Infinity controls can be adjusted between 40 and 100 percent capacity, creating the ideal amount of heating or cooling for your home size.

When only the amount of energy needed is used, the system is able to operate longer and at a steadier rate, resulting in better energy efficiency.

What you get with the Infinity 20 Heat Pump:

Infinity 20 Heat Pump

    • Innovation. Inverter-driven heat pumps make it easy to make small adjustments to adaptable-speed components, resulting in enhanced comfort, greater heating capacity, and increased energy efficiency.
    • Efficiency. The Infinity 20 offers efficiencies as high as 20.5 SEER and 13.0 HSPF. Remember that the higher the number, the greater the savings.
    • Durability. The innovative heat pump is housed in a galvanized steel cabinet coated in baked-on powder paint. The cabinet is highly resistant to dents, dings, and weather-related threats.
  • Humidity. With its two-stage, variable-speed features, the Infinity heat pump offers residents enhanced comfort through humidity management.

Infinity 19 and 16 Two-Stage Heat Pumps – 25HNB9 & 25HNB6

Carrier delivers heat pump systems in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The Infinity 19 and 16 Two-Stage Heat Pumps, 25HNB9 & 25HNB6, feature up to 9.5 HSPF and 19.0 SEER. With the Infinity 16 heat pump, you can enjoy the benefits of the two-stage compressor includes enhanced comfort and exceptional heating and cooling power. For even more year-round savings and greater energy savings, add an Infinity furnace with a variable-speed blower motor.

Infinity 19 Heat PumpThe Infinity 19 also offers two-stage compressor comfort with convenient system management and superior energy savings. With the innovative heat pump, you will receive up to 19 SEER cooling efficiency and 10 HSPF heating efficiency. It also comes equipped with temperature control, filter drier system protection, non-ozone depleting Puron refrigerant, and ideal defrost heating operation.

The Infinity 19 heat pump also comes with a ten-year parts limited warranty. You will also discover that all sizes meet Energy Star qualifications, meaning even more energy savings in your pocket no matter what size unit you choose.

Infinity 15 1 Single Speed Heat Pump – 25HNB5

Carrier makes some of the highest-rated heat pumps currently on the market, and the Infinity 15 1 Single Speed Heat Pump is no exception. With its hassle-free performance, the efficient heating system is an excellent upgrade option if you plan to live in your home for at least 7 to 10 years.

The single-stage heat pump is best suited for homes that are subjected to cool, but not extremely cold, weather conditions. With single-stage heating and cooling, you can enjoy reduced energy costs. The heat pump features a reliable scroll compressor, as well as 68-decibel operation. You will also receive a ten-year comprehensive warranty.

Performance Series 15 Heat Pump – 25HCC5

For affordability and long-term energy savings, you cannot go wrong with Performance Series heat pumps. The efficient heat pump offers cooling efficiencies up to 16 SEER, and much like other Carrier heat pumps is exclusively designed to be compatible with Hybrid Heat systems to save you even more money on energy costs.

Performance Series 15 Heat PumpThe heat pump offers 9 HSPF heating efficiency, 68 or lower decibel sound, a sound blanket, and a filter system that offers protection from pollutants and moisture. It also comes equipped with Puron refrigerant that will not harm the ozone and WeatherArmor Ultra home protection. With your purchase also comes a ten-year parts limited warranty.

The Performance Series 15 Heat Pump offers incredible cold weather performance, perfect for chilly climates where long-term heating is needed. When paired with select thermostats, the unit’s Hybrid Heat system compatibility enhances its performance, resulting in higher comfort levels in your home.

The heat pump is housed in a galvanized steel, heavy-gauge cabinet featuring durable baked-on powder coat paint. For both aesthetics and durability, it also contains a steel, louvered soil guard.

Comfort 14 Series Heat Pump – 25HBC5

The Comfort 14 Series Heat Pump is specifically designed to be efficient, reliable, and affordable. These features help give homeowners the benefit of better cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. For the most efficiency, pair the outdoor unit with the proper SEER-boosting indoor air handler or furnace.

The Comfort 14 offers a variety of features that make it appealing to residents, such as 14 SEER cooling efficiency, 8.2 HSPR heating efficiency, and 69 decibels or lower sound. It also comes equipped with non-ozone depleting Puron refrigerant, WeatherArmor protection, and a ten-year parts limited warranty.

Call for Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps should always be installed by a professional HVAC technician who can help you determine the best product and right size unit for your home and climate. At Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in Gaithersburg, MD, we offer expert heat pump installation to homeowners in Montgomery County and Washington DC. We have been delivering superior HVAC service to the local community since 1982. For more information about available heat pumps for your home, to schedule service, or for a free estimate, contact the pros at Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today.

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