Should I Consider a Dehumidifier Installation for My Home?

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What is a Dehumidifier?

homeowner watching a dehumidifier installation in Gaithersburg, MDA dehumidifier is an appliance that removes humidity from the air of your home. Most dehumidifiers operate in a manner similar to a vacuum cleaner by sucking air into its mechanism. It pulls the air over its evaporator coils, where the moisture is condensed and extracted, then blows the dehumidified air over the unit’s condenser coils and back into the room. The extracted moisture becomes condensate water and drips into a tank at the base of the device. Depending on where you live, other dehumidifier technology may be more effective in your climate.

Benefits of a Dehumidifier Installation

A dehumidifier installation offers a number of important benefits. Here several for you to think about:

1. Reduces allergens. Allergens like mold, mildew, and dust mites flourish in humid and damp environments. You may have a frequent cold or allergy-like symptoms such as runny or itchy eyes and nose, wheezing, or even skin rashes. Allergens can also contribute to and aggravate people who suffer from asthma. Using a dehumidifier to reduce allergens will make the air in your home healthier.

2. Reduces odors. By lowering the humidity levels in your home, you will significantly reduce mold and mildew growth and the associated unpleasant musty odors.

3. Reduces dust. You will notice less dust floating in the air and accumulating on your surfaces.

4. Improves the comfort level of your home. The drier air will make you more comfortable and you can keep the thermostat set a couple of degrees higher than you may realize.

5. Reduces the burden on your air conditioner. Your air conditioner will not have to do the job of dehumidifying and cooling the air. This means your air conditioner will not have to work as much, prolonging its life and lowering your energy bills.

Nearly every home in our area would benefit from a dehumidifier. When the humidity pushes the heat index into the 90-degree range and higher, you need to make sure that your home is cool and comfortable and not a breeding ground for unhealthy allergens.

Signs That You Need a Dehumidifier Installation

Gaithersburg, MD HVAC contractors working on a dehumidifier installationNow that you understand some of the most important benefits of a dehumidifier, you should be aware of the signs that your home is too damp.

1. Your windows get fogged up. Foggy windows are a clear sign that your air conditioner is not removing the moisture in the air.

2. You notice musty odors. Moisture in the air can lead to unhealthy mold and mildew blossoming in your home. It can cause unpleasant odors and can even become a safety hazard especially for those with allergies and respiratory disorders.

3. The air feels clammy. Have you ever entered a home or business where the air was freezing cold but still felt damp? When you can feel the humidity indoors but you are still uncomfortable at cooler temperatures, and your air conditioner seems to run constantly, your air conditioner is likely being overwhelmed by the moisture levels.

4. You have frequent cold or allergy symptoms.

5. Rooms with poor ventilation experience exceptionally high humidity, such as bathrooms with no windows. You may even notice black spots appearing on walls, ceilings, or fabric curtains. This is mold.

6. Water stains on ceilings and walls.

If these describe conditions in your home, your home is probably too damp and would benefit from a dehumidifier.

The best way to efficiently eliminate the indoor humidity is to have a dehumidifier installed on your HVAC system. When you pair a dehumidifier with an air conditioning system, you can easily adjust the temperature and humidity level of your home.

You can achieve a somewhat similar result with just a portable dehumidifier. Though smaller than a regular dehumidifier, you might be amazed at how quickly your house becomes more comfortable.

A dehumidifier will certainly reduce opportunities for mold and mildew growth and will lower the burden on your HVAC system. By keeping humidity levels in check inside your home, your air conditioner can operate much more effectively. You will feel more comfortable and you should notice a nice drop in your energy bill. Annoying issues like foggy windows, musty odors, and moist, clammy air should be eliminated as well.

Contact a Qualified HVAC Expert

To find out if you would benefit from a dehumidifier installation, you should consult with a licensed and reputable HVAC expert. A knowledgeable technician can evaluate your HVAC system and offer recommendations on a dehumidifier system. Contact an HVAC expert soon.

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