Benefits of Installing Air Conditioning this Summer

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Now Is the Best Time to Install a New Air Conditioning System

woman receiving the benefits of installing air conditioning in the summerInstalling a new air conditioning system earlier in summer can pay off all summer long. But how do you know if it’s time for a new system? Once the system reaches 15 years, it really is considered old, even if it seems to be cooling your home. At that age, you may have to service it more frequently than normal. You may also notice that some rooms are cold, but others warm, and the humidity levels may be noticeably higher than they should be. These are all signs that your air conditioning system is on the verge of breaking down. You can avoid that by replacing your system this summer (before it becomes an emergency in the cooler months).

What Are the Benefits of a Summer Installation?

Enjoy indoor comfort all summer long. If you have to buy an air conditioning system soon, do it early in the summer so that you can take advantage of a new system that cools your house evenly and efficiently all season long. There is no need to suffer through the summer with your old system only to install the new one in the fall when it will only sit unused until the hot weather returns.

Take advantage of the many options available to you in various air conditioning systems. One significant benefit to shopping for an air conditioning system in the summer is the availability of different units to choose from. They can range from the economy, no-frills components to the top shelf unit with state-of-the-art technology. You are sure to find the system that if just right for the needs of you and your family.

Better operating efficiency. A new air conditioning system has the latest technology that enables it to operate with much better energy efficiency. The savings you will realize in your energy bills can help offset the expense of the new system.

man using air conditioning after installing it for the summerDehumidification. Another significant benefit to a new system is that it reduces the humidity levels throughout your home. High humidity in the air inside your home is bad because it:

  • Supports the growth of mold and mildew, which triggers allergies and can cause serious health problems for some people.
  • Fogs your windows, causing condensation to form and eventually rot your window woodwork.
  • Creates an environment that attracts crawling pests such as roaches, spiders, silverfish, and centipedes.
  • Can cause moisture stains on your walls and ceilings.
  • Can cause wallpaper to peel and paint to blister.
  • Causes your wood to swell, as evidenced by doors, cabinets or windows getting stuck or your floors creaking. When the wood swells, it can push apart joints and potentially compromise the integrity of the woodwork throughout your home.

Installing a new, efficient air conditioner improves the indoor air quality by deterring the growth of mold and reduction of contaminants in the air. Because an air conditioner cools your home by removing the moisture and heat from the air, it will help dehumidify your home. In some areas of the country, the humidity levels are simply too high for your air conditioner alone to handle, and you may need a dehumidifier as well.

Cleaner air. If you are going to install a new central air conditioning system, you will have better air quality in your home. The system circulates air by pulling it out of the rooms in your house through the return air ducts. During this process, the air is pulled through an air filter. Depending on the density of the filter, it removes airborne particles such as dust, lint, pet dander, and allergens. Some filters are designed to remove microscopic allergens and other pollutants. The filtered air is then routed to air supply ductwork that carries it back to the rooms. Especially for people with impaired or sensitive respiratory systems, a central air conditioning system can contribute to better health.

You can purify the air even more by installing an affordable global plasma solution (GPS) on your system. A GPS uses cold plasma to kill 99.6% of contaminants in less than 15 minutes. Not only does the GPS kill the mold and bacteria floating in the air, but it also helps to eliminate unpleasant odors.

worker installing air conditioning for the summerLow maintenance. The new systems require very little maintenance. With a simple annual inspection and routine service, your new central air system should operate at optimal levels for many years. Get a service contract with a professional HVAC technician to have your system tuned up each year before the warm season starts. Think of annual maintenance like a tune-up for your car. It will keep the components clean, lubricated, and working properly. If it needs minor repairs or replacement parts, you can take care of it before it becomes a major issue.

Adds to your home’s resale value. Adding a new air conditioning system can make your home more competitive with other homes on the market. In particular, a new central air conditioning system will add to the desirability of your home. It is an investment that will add immediate value and hold its value over the longer term.

Contact Presidential Heat and Air for More Information

Contact the HVAC professionals at Presidential Heat and Air for a consultation on a new air conditioning system. They will meet with you at your home to evaluate the home’s configuration, take measurements to ensure you get the right-sized components, work with you to determine the best system, and do the installation.

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