The Benefits of a Central Air Conditioning System

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woman on couch enjoying central air conditioningIf you are thinking about installing a central air conditioning system, you have lots of choices on the market. The technology in air conditioning systems has made them highly energy efficient and low maintenance. You have many excellent products to choose from.

Central Air Conditioning Basics

Central air conditioning is an air conditioning system that cools the air throughout your home at a central location. Some systems use fans to circulate the cooled air through ductwork into the rooms of your home. In other systems, no ductwork is required. One or more thermostats installed inside your home control the interior temperature and allow you to set it to your personal comfort level.

For more detailed information explaining the mechanics of how air conditioning works, see the blog entitled, “What is Central Air?” Briefly, air conditioners cool your home by compressing refrigerant gas and pumping it through copper coils in the system components. The gas absorbs the heat from the air in your house which lowers the indoor air temperature. Fans vent the hot air to the outdoors.

Benefits of Central Air

Installing central air has many benefits and few drawbacks. For some people, the cost of central air can be prohibitive, but financing is usually available. Here are just a few important benefits of central air systems:

Central Air Systems Offer Many Space Saving Options

You have a choice from among hundreds of different models of central air systems. You will be able to find one that suits your lifestyle and that fits into the space of your home. For example, if you live in an older home that does not already have ductwork or the space to install it, you can get a central air conditioning system that does not require ductwork. With a ductless system, you will not be forced to give up square footage to accommodate new ductwork. Moreover, you won’t have the expense of installing it. These ductless air conditioning systems are a great choice if your home cannot accommodate ductwork easily.

Your home may already have ductwork for a furnace. In that case, you may choose to install a central air system that uses the existing ductwork. In areas with mild winter climates, you can even replace the furnace with a heat pump system. With a heat pump, you will not have a separate furnace and air conditioner. Instead, your the heat pump will supply cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.

If you want to replace a furnace and install a new air conditioning system at the same time, you can opt for a system that combines a central heating system and a central air system in one cabinet that is all housed outdoors. These packaged systems are another way to save space because they eliminate the need for a separate furnace indoors.

Central Air Conveniently Cools Multiple Rooms

central air conditioner cooling a roomA central air system cools multiple rooms at once, or your entire house, using less electricity than multiple stand-alone units. It provides even air conditioning throughout your home and works to achieve one temperature. As a result, total energy use is more efficient than using multiple single units.

If you want a system that lets you cool only portions of your home, you can get a system that cools the home by zoning. A zoned system uses motorized discs within the ductwork that directs the cooled air only to certain areas of the home, or “zones”.

Reduce Humidity Levels

One significant benefit to a central air system is that it reduces the humidity levels throughout your home. A stand-alone unit cannot keep up with the humidity as a central air system can. Dehumidifying the air improves the indoor air quality and helps create a healthier environment by deterring the growth of mold and reducing the contaminants in the air. Depending on your climate, however, your central air conditioning system may need a whole-home dehumidifier to work with it for optimal indoor air quality.

Central Air Provides Cleaner Air For Your Home

Your central air conditioning system circulates air by pulling it out of the rooms in your house through the return air ducts. During this process, the air is pulled through an air filter. Depending on the density of the filter, the filter removes airborne particles such as dust, lint, pet dander, and allergens. Some filters are designed to remove microscopic allergens and other pollutants. The filtered air is then routed to air supply ductwork that carries it back to the rooms. Especially for people with impaired or sensitive respiratory systems, a central air conditioning system can contribute to better health.

You can purify the air even more by installing an optional air cleaning component on your system. One such option is a global plasma solution (GPS). A GPS uses cold plasma to kill 99.6% of contaminants in less than 15 minutes. This gadget will reduce the number of pollutants that get circulated through your system and into your home. Not only does the GPS kill the mold and bacteria floating in the air, but it also eliminates odors.

Low Maintenance and Reduced Cost

The new systems require very little maintenance. With a simple annual inspection and routine service, your new central air system should operate at optimal levels for many years. Get a service contract with a professional HVAC technician to have your system tuned up each year before the warm season starts. Think of annual maintenance like a tune-up for your car. It will keep the components clean, lubricated, and working properly. If it needs minor repairs or replacement parts, you can take care of it before it becomes a major issue.

Add to Your Home’s Resale Value

home with central air that has been resoldAdding a central air conditioning system can make your home more competitive with other homes on the market. Central air will add to the desirability of your home. It is an investment that will add immediate value and hold its value over the longer term.

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