The Benefits of Using a Ductless Air Conditioner

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If you are considering ductless air conditioners for your home or office, you should know a little bit about what they are and the benefits they can provide. In the right conditions, they can give you the cooling comfort you want without the expense and inefficiency of a traditional central air conditioning system. In this post, read more about the benefits of using a ductless air conditioner and find out if a ductless system may be a choose choice for your home.

Why a Ductless Air Conditioning System May Be Right for You

someone using the benefits of a ductless air conditionerDuctless air conditioners are low-profile air conditioners that are usually mounted on a wall inside the room or in the ceiling.& Ductless air conditioners use substantially the same air conditioning technology as traditional central air systems. Like traditional systems, a ductless system operates with two primary components: an outdoor compressor/condenser, and an indoor air-handling unit. A single outdoor compressor/condenser can support up to four indoor air-handler units. That means one outdoor unit can cool up to four rooms.

Air conditioners use refrigerant gas to cool the space. During the refrigeration cycle, heat from inside the home is absorbed by the transformation of refrigerants from liquid to gas. The resulting cooler air is pushed into the rooms by the internal blower. The hot air is expelled to the outdoors. The refrigerant gas is moved through the suction line back to the outdoor compressor where it is compressed, which allows the process to operate more efficiently. Once compressed, the cycle is repeated again. The system’s power cable, refrigerant tubing, suction tubing, and condensate drain are housed in a conduit that links the outdoor units to the indoor units.

The installation of a ductless system is fairly simple because it does not require ductwork. In most cases, the outdoor unit can be located up to 50 feet away from the indoor air-handler. With that flexibility, you should be able to cool rooms on the front side of a home or building and place the compressor in an inconspicuous location outside.

Benefits Of A Ductless Air Conditioner

No Ductwork Needed

One primary advantage is that these systems provide cooling in homes and office spaces without using ductwork. In older homes, ductwork was not installed like it is in modern homes. In addition, many older homes do not have space for new ductwork to be installed. If you have an older home that needs to be retrofitted with air conditioning, a mini-split may be the answer for you.

Ideal for Smaller Spaces

These air conditioning systems take up very little space for the comfort they provide. In addition, they pack a lot of power in the smaller unit. A single outdoor compressor/condenser can support up to four indoor air-handler units. That means one outdoor unit can cool up to four rooms. A mini-split air-handler takes up such a small amount of space that it works well in small areas such as single or multiple room additions to your home or office. For larger spaces, you can add additional components to provide the cooling power you need.

Budget-Friendly Compared to a Ducted System

a house peaceful because of the benefits of using a ductless air conditionerThe initial cost of a mini-split is about twice that of a window-mounted unit. However, each zone is controlled with its own thermostat, and you only pay to cool the space when it is occupied. Also, it provides heating as well as cooling, so you get a lot for the money. Additionally, you save money by not having to install ductwork.

Simple Installation

Ductless systems are fairly easy to install for a professional HVAC technician, but they are still challenging for most DIY’ers.& In that regard, ductless systems are no different from traditional central air conditioners in that you should work with a trained HVAC professional.& Your HVAC technician can help you buy the properly sized unit for the space to ensure optimal comfort and install it correctly.

Because there is no need to install ductwork, your contractor only needs to install the ductless system’s mechanical components. The connection between the indoor and outdoor units requires no more than a three-inch hole through a wall for the conduit. As stated earlier, the outdoor unit can be located anywhere up to 50 feet away from the indoor air-handler.

Energy Efficiency

While one of the most desirable features of ductless air conditioning systems is that they need no ductwork, they also provide another benefit: they avoid the energy losses associated with ductwork of central air systems. When air conditioning ducts are located in an uncooled space such as an attic, they can account for losses of more than 30% of the energy consumption used by the system.

Efficiency is also better than ducted systems because the ductless indoor units include a fan and evaporator coil in the same component. That allows each unit to provide point-of-use air conditioning, or cooling “on demand” wherever the indoor unit is installed. You do not need to cool a home full of empty rooms when you run the unit. You only need to use the power to cool the room(s) you are actually using and power the unit off when you are not using the room.

Provides Heating during the Winter

woman working happily because of the benefits of a ductless air conditionerMost ductless systems include a reversing valve. This allows the refrigerant to flow in either direction, meaning that in the wintertime, you can use the unit like a heat pump. In warm regions or climates that experience mild winters, this may be a money-saving option for you. Your HVAC technician can help you determine whether you would need to supplement your heating.

Quiet Operation

Ductless systems are quieter to operate than traditional central air systems. With a ducted central air system, the noise of the air blowing through the ductworks and the fan motors in the system components can be quite annoying, especially when the mechanical components are placed close to your living areas.

Contact Presidential Heat and Air for More Information

If you need to do something to make your home or office more comfortable in the summer months and a ductless air conditioning system seems like it might work for you, call the experts at Presidential Heat and Air for more information. One of their qualified technicians can come to your home before you buy, help you select the right unit for your needs, and schedule an installation.

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