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There are many benefits of installing UV lighting in your HVAC system, including fighting off the growth of bacteria and mold and keeping your family safe from illnesses caused by exposure to these issues. Here is a list of the benefits of this type of HVAC sterilizing UV lighting and some reasons why having this system in your home can be beneficial.

UV Light as a Natural Sterilizer

Sun shining in sky When you think of a sterilization method, you may think of a hand sanitizer or alcohol wipe. However, UV light can work as a natural sterilizer. If you hang laundry up on a clothesline, the clothes are in the direction of the sun and the UV rays. The rays hit the clothing and destroy the bacteria or viruses that could be growing on the material by penetrating the membrane of the cell.

The UV rays work by taking away the bacteria or viruses’ ability to multiply itself, and it dies off as a result. This sterilizes the clothes while drying and keeps the cells of unhealthy or harmful bacteria from growing and multiplying.

UV lighting sterilizes your HVAC systems in the same manner. The rays keep mold and bacteria from growing inside the system. When bacteria are allowed to grow inside the system, it spreads throughout your home and makes your family sick. UV lighting prevents growth from the beginning to ensure your family’s safety.

Types of UV Lights For HVAC Systems

Coil Sterilization

When it comes to HVAC systems, a coil sterilization UV light is one of the most common options. This type of light is directed toward the air handler coil to keep it from growing mold and bacteria. This light runs continually because the air handler coil is usually damp, which is ideal for growth of bacteria, and prevents it from forming.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information conducted a study that evaluated the use of UV lights to sterilize coils and found that it significantly reduced the levels of fungi in HVAC units. Exposure to airborne fungi in homes has been shown to increase likelihood of developing asthma in children and increased asthma attacks for adults.

Air Sterilization

Fan inside an HVAC unitThis lighting option is one that acts as a second defense against particles in the air. This light is installed in the air duct and is powered up when the blower turns on. As the air is pushed through the UV light, it is cleaned and disinfected so mold and bacteria particles are removed.

Duke University Medical Center conducted a study using UV lights placed in the center of a hospital room. The UV lights ran for 30-45 minutes, after which the researchers found that there was a 98% reduction in bacteria in the air. This prevents bacteria from forming colonies and repopulating inside a room. Conversely, air sterilization lighting options are installed in air ducts, a more closed space to trap bacteria, and is powered on with the blower for longer UV light coverage.

Dangers of Airborne Bacteria and Fungi

As mentioned above, airborne fungi have been linked to asthma. Some forms of fungi, called mycotoxins, have been linked to illnesses collectively known as “sick-building syndrome” after being breathed in with dust.

Bacteria and viruses can also travel through the air. Common illnesses that can be contracted through poor air quality include the common cold, the flu, and whooping cough. Homes or offices with multiple occupants, especially pets, can allow for the rapid spread of illness when bacteria cells and viruses are left unchecked. UV lighting in HVAC units can eliminate these harmful pollutants, including multiple forms of the flu virus.

Install with Professionals at Presidential Heating & Air

HVAC technician working on unitInstalling UV lighting in your HVAC unit has many benefits, from your air quality to the health of all members in your home. These solutions can be relatively cheap and easy to install and can be a great choice for your HVAC system. For a free consultation or to enlist professional help with installing these UV lights, contact Presidential Heating & Air for all your installation needs.

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