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When you experience heating or cooling troubles, it’s time for a full diagnostic of your HVAC system to determine whether the best solution is replacement or repair. While air conditioner and furnace repair are often sufficient to solve your problem, certain factors can play a role in the decision to replace your current HVAC system with a new one. Whether you require HVAC repair or HVAC replacement in Gaithersburg, Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. can provide you with the expertise needed to make the right choice.

How To Choose HVAC Repair Vs. HVAC Replacement

Knowing whether you need HVAC repair or replacement is the first step in restoring indoor air quality and comfort. These are a few signs that you might benefit from replacement of your HVAC system, as opposed to furnace or air conditioner repair:

  • Either your furnace or your air conditioner is more than 10-15 years old. It’s best to replace both these systems at once to achieve the most efficient heating and cooling results from your new HVAC system.
  • Your energy bills have been getting progressively higher for some time. A continued increase in your utility bills signals a poorly-functioning HVAC system.
  • Your system needs frequent HVAC repairs, even after previous repairs have been made. When repairs and maintenance cannot keep your HVAC system running efficiently, it’s time to consider replacement.
  • Your HVAC system is unable to maintain indoor comfort. When your HVAC system is not up to par, some areas of your home may be too hot, too cold, or too humid.
  • The cost of your furnace or air conditioner repair is extremely high. Rather than paying a large amount to repair an older system, it may be more cost-effective to purchase a new HVAC system.

Three Common Reasons For HVAC Repair

There may be many reasons your HVAC system stops functioning properly. If you need HVAC repairs in Montgomery County, contact Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning at (301) 719-3315.

1. Worn Contactor: Most central HVAC systems incorporate three contactors, which create an electrical connection to engage the system’s motors when heating or cooling is needed. When these contactors become worn, the system will not engage.

2. Damaged Compressor: The compressor is a major component of your air conditioning unit. When you put too much strain on your AC or it is over- or under-changed with refrigerant, the compressor will not work properly.

3. Dirty Filter: Your HVAC system uses an air filter to keep dirt and dust out of the system. When this filter is not replaced, it can choke off the air supply, causing the motors to overheat.

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