Spring HVAC Prep in Gaithersburg: Cleaning, Inspection, and Filter

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If you’re a Gaithersburg, MD resident or live anywhere in nearby Maryland or Washington, DC, chances are you’re preparing for the transition of seasons in the next few weeks or months. The move from the heating season (winter) into cooling season (summer) is important in many home areas, and near the top of any list is HVAC.

At Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we’re proud to offer HVAC services, including heating and air conditioning maintenance service plans during seasonal transitions. Our tune-ups and maintenance appointments allow us to identify  taking place in your system, then  they become more significant problems. Here are some of the top themes to be considering this spring for your HVAC system in this multi-part blog series, both in terms of areas you can resolve yourself and those we’ll assist with during a maintenance appointment.

spring HVAC prep inspection filter

Clearing Debris from Outside AC Units

During this past fall and winter, it’s likely debris has built up around the exterior of your home – including around your outside AC condenser unit. One of the first steps you can take this spring, ideally before you begin any landscaping or related gardening projects, is simply removing debris and other blockages from this area.

Rake up any leaves or branches, plus any dirt that’s collected, for at least a two-foot radius around the unit. If any plants or bushes are growing in this area, cut them back – they may interfere with the unit’s ability to draw in and expel air, which would make your system less  . If you notice any grimy water buildup on condenser coils that run from the back of the unit, you can use a basic vacuum attachment to clean this off, as long as you have a wet vac.

Visual Inspection

While you’re cleaning the outdoor unit, take the time to give it a visual inspection as well. The main thing you’re looking for here: Have any of the events of the past winter caused the unit to become unlevel or unstable on its surface? Being level is very important for AC condensers in the summer, helping them operate optimally. Also, check for any visible signs of damage, and contact our pros for repair if you find any – damaged condensers can cause major risks to your overall system.

Heating and Air Conditioning Filters

Longtime homeowners are typically aware of the importance of the air filter in their HVAC system. The filter should be regularly changed, both to allow for optimal airflow and to keep air quality high. Basic media filters should be changed monthly. In addition, spring is often an ideal time to consider upgrading your HVAC filter to overcome seasonal allergies from pollen. New high-efficiency pleated options and filters with an electrostatic charge can attract dust and bacteria to trap them inside the filter effectively.

For more on important spring HVAC themes, or to learn about any of our AC service or repair offerings, speak to the staff at Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today.

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