How to Maximize Heating Efficiency in Your Home

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As the cold winter months approach here in Gaithersburg, so do concerns of higher energy costs and the fear of heating equipment malfunction.

Autumn is the perfect time to schedule your annual furnace maintenance with Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning, to ensure maximum heating efficiency in your home as well as to ward off any unwanted surprises or emergencies. It may even be time to discuss a furnace replacement. Adding a high-efficiency heating system will help you stay comfortable while reducing your energy usage and costs.

Our knowledgeable HVAC techs can share some DIY ways to maximize your home’s heating efficiency during the upcoming chilly winter months. You can find some in our blog Ways To Make Your Home Energy Efficient This Winter. Our HVAC techs can also advise you on whether a furnace replacement is a more cost effective and efficient alternative.

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Add Weather Stripping

One of the most simple and effective DIYs to keep your home warm during the cold season is to eliminate drafts by sealing around the frames of windows and doors.  There are many different types and materials of weatherstripping depending on where the leaks are.  Self-stick plastic or vinyl is best used on sliding windows and doors. Plain or reinforced felt can be fitted into a door jamb where the door presses against it.  There are foam and caulk sealers that are a great solutions to winds.

While performing your scheduled furnace maintenance or replacement ask one of our technicians which weatherstripping option will work best for your situation.

Lower Your Thermostat

Easily the simplest way to keep your energy costs down is to keep your house a couple of degrees cooler while you are at home and even lower the thermostat by up to 10 degrees while you’re at work.  If this sounds extreme, keep in mind that adopting this habit could save five to fifteen percent each year in utilities.

If you’d rather not have to compromise on this one, talk to us about how adding a smart thermostat can help you stay comfortable and save money at the same time.

Insulate Your Roof, Attic, or Loft

While a bit more expensive than the other solutions, adding proper insulation to the upper regions of your home could end up saving you hundreds of dollars every year. Roofs and walls that are poorly insulated are one of the biggest causes of heat loss.  This can place an extra burden on your furnace, reducing its lifespan, and causing unwanted maintenance and replacement costs.  As with weather stripping, there are many types of insulation depending on the style and construction of your home.

The winters in Gaithersburg, MD can get quite cold and it’s very important to keep your furnace maintenance up to date. Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning can meet all of your needs to keep your home warm and your utility bills down all winter long.  Remember, now is the time to schedule an appointment to be sure that your furnace is working at peak performance.

Contact us today to stay warm, Gaithersburg!!

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