3 Tips to Extend the Life of Your AC – Part 2

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In part one of this two-part blog series, we reviewed 7easy tips for extending the lifespan of your air conditioner. The majority of these tips were DIY suggestions. A few required the assistance of a licensed HVAC service professional.

At Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we provide a wide range of HVAC services for our Gaithersburg clients, including AC maintenance and repairs. For those clients who want to learn more about their HVAC system and play a role in their system’s maintenance, we have a selection of free guides and resources for you to utilize.

extending AC lifespan filters

Cleaning The Coils

Cleaning the coils may be the most effective way to improve your AC’s efficiency, durability, and lifespan. When dirty, your system will cycle on more frequently to maintain the temperature set-point. The condenser unit’s fan will work constantly to draw hot air from the house, causing it to wear down faster.

To clean the coils the cover of your outdoor air conditioner will need to be removed to give access to the evaporator and condenser coils. These should be carefully cleaned with a soft brush and then rinsed with water. As they are easily damaged, this job should be completed annually by an AC repair technician.

Changing The Filters

Dirty filters become clogged filters which constrict the air flow making the AC unit work harder. Your air conditioner will not only be less effective at cooling your home, but the strain on the system will also shorten its life.

We recommend changing your HVAC system’s filters at least once every three months. Homes with pets or people with allergies or respiratory issues may need to do so more frequently. You can check your own AC unit’s manufacturer guidelines for specific recommendations or ask your AC maintenance professional. The Presidential team will replace or clean your filters (depending on your type of filter) as part of our HVAC maintenance plan.

Check Your Weather Stripping

To prevent unwanted warm air from seeping through openings around your doors and windows, apply weather stripping or check to make sure already-in-place stripping isn’t damaged, torn, or otherwise not doing its job. Let unattended, warm air will be able to enter your home – which means your air conditioner will have to work that much harder (and will likely have a shorter lifespan as a result).

Inspecting and repairing weather stripping is a fairly straightforward task you can handle on your own. There are several brands available at your local hardware.

These are just a few additional tips to help extend the lifespan of their air conditioner. For a full list of Do’s and Don’ts, you can download our Extending The Life Of Your Air Conditioner guide  To learn about any of our AC or other HVAC services, contact our team at Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today.

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