5 Tips from HVAC Pros for Saving Energy This Winter

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Last month, the HVAC repair specialists at Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning gave you some advice about how to save money this winter by making your HVAC system more efficient. Now it’s January — the coldest month of the year in Maryland – and almost every day the temperatures have dropped below 30 degrees  If you are still working out of your Gaithersburg home due to the pandemic, you may bristle every time the furnace kicks on, wondering how much your next bill is going to be. Natural gas prices are ballooning, with the most recent increase at 14%. This month, our Gaithersburg HVAC contractors have some tips for residents who want to keep heating costs down by making their homes more airtight.

save energy

1. Get an Energy Audit

PEPCO offers free energy audits to customers in Gaithersburg and their entire service area. Their aim is to identify areas of your home in which you can save money on electricity. If you don’t have electric heat — and most people in Maryland don’t — that’s OK, because part of the audit will include looking for drafts or areas where heat can escape to the outside, and that’s valuable information.

Additionally, PEPCO will examine your heating and cooling systems and inform you if anything seems amiss, so you can give our HVAC specialists a call. They may also give you free showerheads, faucet aerators, power strips, and light bulbs. PEPCO customers are eligible for a free energy audit every five years.

2. Check Your Windows

Windows are one of the weakest links in energy saving. Openings around your windows and sills allow the cold in and your heated air out. If you are experiencing drafts, condensation between the pains, or cracks and molding around the frames it may be a good time to invest in new windows.

If that isn’t in the budget this year, Architect Magazine suggests some quicker, cheaper alternatives. One of the best ways to keep the heat in this winter is by adding a low e coating to the glass. This layer of protection is added to panes in the factory, but low e film can also be added to existing windows. If you’re handy, you can give it a try yourself, but you’ll likely get better results by using a professional.

You can also buy a window insulating kit from a home improvement store. These kits come with double-sided adhesive strips you stick to the window frame or wall, then apply the included sheet of plastic. Trim the edges and blow-dry for a tight fit.

Hanging insulating drapes to block drafts is another way to save money on your heating bill. However, window insulating kits are preferable to some homeowners because they do not block your view the way drapes do.

3. Use Weatherstripping

Using weatherstripping is a great way to battle draftiness. Weatherstripping is a soft, spongy substance that comes in a roll and can be found in home improvement stores. It is available in varying thicknesses, so you may want to get several rolls to use in different areas of your home.

Apply weatherstripping wherever you find drafts — around doors or windows, electrical outlets, baseboards, fireplaces, etc.

4. Insulate

Many homes in Maryland built before 1960 were constructed without insulation. Although Maryland’s climate is considered temperate, we still have our fair share of cold, snowy weather. One of the best protectors against heat loss is insulation. Before you begin looking into installing insulation, however, make sure you have taken steps to identify drafty areas of your home and rectify these.

Adding insulation to a home that is already built isn’t cheap, but the Department of Energy confirms that it’s definitely worth it. You may want to take the process a step at a time.

If you have easy access to your attic, you may be able to add fiberglass batting insulation yourself. Consult a professional to determine the correct R-value. Although fiberglass batting is the most effective type of insulation, it’s not practical to use in all situations.

5. Arrange an HVAC Service Call

One way to save money on heating bills is to make sure your furnace is operating efficiently. The best way to do this is to call Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning for an annual furnace check and tune-up. These are usually performed in the fall, before the cold season. But it isn’t too late! Call us now and make an appointment for a technician to come out for HVAC maintenance. We’ll carefully inspect your entire furnace, lubricate moving parts, replace worn parts and improve its performance.

Gaithersburg’s Top Heating and Air Conditioning Company

Presidential Heating and Air Conditioning have been the leading HVAC contractor in the Gaithersburg area since 1982, and our clients think it’s easy to see why. We do excellent work, we arrive on time and we prioritize customer service.

As HVAC contractors, we understand that clients can be anxious when they call us. They’re afraid of being without heat or air conditioning for an extended period of time and are concerned about unexpected costs. We help put your mind at ease by responding to calls quickly, accurately assessing the damage, and informing you of the cost and timetable for repairs.

When you need HVAC repair, installation, service, or replacement, contact Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning of Gaithersburg.

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