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Choosing the best company for any job can be a challenge. The same is true with finding the best air conditioning company. At Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning, we make it a priority to provide the best AC maintenance, repair, and replacement services in the Gaithersburg area. What should you consider when trying to choose the best AC company for you?

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1. Experience

Experience counts when you’re looking to hire a company to do work for you. In the 75 years, air conditioning has been available for homes in Gaithersburg, much has changed. It’s important, as a homeowner, that your air conditioning company is well versed in the changes that have not only happened but those that are coming. Ask your prospective AC company if they and their staff routinely take continuing education classes.

When scheduling permits, we at Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning will partner up with our technicians. There is no substitute for learning from an expert in their field. The ability to watch and learn from someone who has been honing their skills for 10, 15, 20+ years makes all of our technicians better.

2. Skill

We briefly touched on skills above.  When you are well educated and practice what you have been taught, you have the opportunity to improve your skillset. Our technicians are monitored and evaluated on how accurately they diagnose an air conditioning issue, how efficiently they fix it, and whether a repeat call is placed for the same issue. This allows the Presidential team to understand areas of improvement and where additional training may be required.

Our team is encouraged to engage each other if they are unsure of a situation or encounter a new one. This, too, is an opportunity to continue to learn and improve skills.

3. Timeliness

No matter how good you are at your job, if it takes you twice as long to do it, you are unlikely to be seen as good at your job. . This is why at Presidential we monitor our technician’s performance. If it is taking a technician longer than “normal” to complete a job, then we want to understand why in order to improve their skills and improve our customers’ satisfaction.

When our customers in the Gaithersburg area call our air conditioning company for AC repair they are uncomfortable in their overheated homes and they want to service as soon as possible. At Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning, our goal is to give our customers realistic expectations of when we will be at their homes. We give first priority to members of our Presidential Advantage Maintenance Plan. We schedule all of our emergencies with the utmost urgency. We provide updates as the day progresses because we respect your time and we know you are uncomfortable.

4. Trustworthiness

Sadly, many homeowners fear they will be taken advantage of by contractors. This fear is not unfounded.  Scams on homeowners are well documented.  This is why we think when you are looking for an air conditioning company in Gaithersburg, it is worthwhile to look at a company’s reviews. You cannot exist for four decades in the service industry, as Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning has if you are not fair and honest with your customers.

When our air conditioning technicians diagnose a problem, we like to show you exactly what’s wrong and explain what needs to be done to get your AC back up and running. We will not pressure you into making repairs or replacing your air conditioner. You are always free to get a second opinion.

5. Customer Service

Customer service is the backbone of any successful air conditioning company. Since its beginning in 1982, Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning has prided itself on honesty and superior customer service. We believe, no matter your position, in professionalism, patience, and a “people-first” attitude.

We try to answer your call promptly, with a smile, to help you resolve your issue or schedule an appointment.  Unlike some air conditioning companies who give unrealistic estimates for service dates and times for fear of losing a customer if they tell them they cannot be there until tomorrow or the next day, we set realistic and honest expectations. And if the schedule changes, we will notify you immediately.

From our customer service reps to our technicians, to our Comfort Advisors, to our office staff, our focus is on you, our customers. We aim to always be polite, respectful and make courtesy a priority.

Top Gaithersburg AC Company

The way we became the leading air conditioning company in Gaithersburg is by embodying all the qualities above. And while that’s part of our business plan, it comes naturally to our team.

When you need air conditioner maintenance, repair, or replacement in the Gaithersburg area, contact Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning.

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