Why Choose an Oil Furnace for Your Gaithersburg Home?

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An oil furnace is an excellent option for heating your home in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Although natural gas is more popular, there are several reasons why you might want to keep your oil furnace or even install a new one.

Read on as we discuss the advantages of choosing an oil furnace and who to call for an oil furnace installation and maintenance in Gaithersburg.

Oil Furnace

When Gas Is Not Available

In some areas of Maryland, natural gas may not be available due to how rural your area is or because the infrastructure hasn’t been built yet. Many people opt for an oil furnace because of its ability to heat homes quickly and thoroughly. While they may not be as efficient as natural gas, oil furnaces are an excellent choice when gas is not an option.

Stay With an Oil Furnace or Convert?

If you already have an oil furnace that needs replacing, then deciding to convert to gas may require more cost and effort than opting for another oil furnace installation. Many choose to keep an oil furnace for convenience and affordability reasons.

Additional benefits of staying with an oil furnace include:

  • Oil furnaces are more efficient than ever before.

Investing in an oil furnace is one solution for reducing energy costs. Oil furnaces have come a long way in recent years; they are now more efficient than ever, burning less fuel while providing ample heat. Moreover, they are cost-effective, the installation process is relatively straightforward, and the initial investment can be recovered over time due to reduced energy costs.

  • Newer oil furnaces emit fewer pollutants than older models.

Newer oil furnaces are designed to be more energy-efficient and have better combustion technology than older models. As a result, they emit fewer pollutants into the atmosphere, such as carbon monoxide and particulate matter.

  • Oil furnaces can be used in conjunction with renewable energy sources.

One option is a hybrid heating system combining an oil furnace with a heat pump. Another option is to use a solar thermal system to heat water, which can then provide heat for the home.

In either case, working with a qualified HVAC contractor with experience in renewable energy systems, like Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning in Gaithersburg, VA, is essential to ensure the system is designed and installed properly.

  • Oil furnaces are a great backup heat source during power outages.

Oil furnaces are a reliable heat source during power outages because they do not rely on electricity. If your fuel tank is filled, you will have a steady fuel source for your oil furnace.

However, if your oil furnace is not well-maintained or has been neglected, it may not work properly during a power outage. It’s essential to have your furnace serviced regularly by a qualified technician to ensure it’s in good working order.

Choose Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning for Oil Furnace Maintenance and Installation in Gaithersburg

When considering whether or not to keep your existing oil furnace or replace it with another one, it’s vital that you find the right contractor who can provide quality service. Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning has provided quality HVAC and furnace installation and maintenance services in Gaithersburg for 40 years. We specialize in oil, gas, and electric furnaces and are well qualified to help you make the best decision when considering what type of furnace is best for your home heating needs.

If you’re a Maryland homeowner considering upgrading your furnace, consider an oil furnace. If you already have an oil furnace, keeping the same type of system eliminates the hassle of converting from one fuel source to another.

No matter what decision you make regarding your home heating system, make sure you work with experienced professionals like Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning, who provide quality service at a competitive price so that your family stays warm all winter long. For more information about oil furnaces or to schedule an installation, contact us today.

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