Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Is Nothing to Sneeze At

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Indoor Air Quality, or IAQ, is a serious matter, especially since it’s the air you breathe in and around your home or office. The condition your IAQ is in depends on several factors, from your ventilation to the effectiveness of the HVAC system you have installed. You might be in need of a more effective HVAC system in Gaithersburg to improve your IAQ, and here’s why:

The Effects: Immediate and Long-term

If there is poor IAQ in your building, you’ve probably noticed some side effects already. You may have irritated eyes, sore throat, headaches, and persistent fatigue. These annoying side effects can come from chemical and other types of pollutants present inside or outside the home. If you have an improperly sealed and vented pellet stove, you could experience more serious side effects from the exhaust gases. Consult your local heating and cooling company if you think you have a faulty gas or wood-burning stove. Your life and health may depend on it.

Combating the Effects

If your HVAC repair company has determined you have poor IAQ, he or she might recommend several options. If you have a wood or pellet stove, they will suggest you have the ventilation and seals checked. This option would be the same for your heating and air conditioning system. They might also suggest investing in an air purification system, along with a humidifier or dehumidifier. If you have mold or mildew from too much water in the air, these options should help solve that problem, as well as improve your personal health.

It is also recommended to vacuum, dust, and “green” clean frequently. Dust and mold can collect in your carpets, walls, and on surfaces. Cleaning regularly will help combat your allergy-like symptoms. If harsher symptoms persist, such as those related to asthma, consult your doctor.

Going Forward

If you think you have poor IAQ, the most important person to call is your HVAC repair company in Gaithersburg. Trained professionals can suggest the best ways to make your home safe, secure, and clean.

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