The Benefits of Having a Maintenance Agreement

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You’ve spent precious time and money to have a new Gaithersburg HVAC system installed. Don’t let your investment go unprotected under that hot sun or freezing snow—make sure to get a proper maintenance agreement to go with your new installation.

Longer Life

Regular maintenance by a professional will extend the life of your system, as well as head off potential costly repairs along the way. An licenced and certified HVAC professional can check your wireless thermostats, outside units, and everything in between to be sure you’re getting the best use—at the least cost—of your heating and cooling system.


Sometimes, people can become comfortable and complacent, especially in the home they spend time in every day. You might not notice that the Wi-Fi thermostat has trouble connecting to the internet every once in a while. The furnace or air conditioner might make a clunking noise sometimes, but it’s not often so why bother right now? Regular upkeep through your maintenance agreement can be the difference between needing a low to no-cost part, to needing to purchase a completely new system. Routine maintenance can even help you lower your monthly energy costs. Investing in a maintenance agreement may cost a little in the beginning, but it’ll cost much less in the end.

Low Costs

If a part breaks on your heating or cooling system, you may qualify for a warranty under a maintenance agreement. These warranties can help you get a much-needed part for a lower price or for free. You may still have to pay for labor and delivery costs, but you’ll be saving money in the end. Your heating and cooling company can provide more details on maintenance agreements and all options that come with them.

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