What to Do Before the AC Repair Company Arrives

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Your HVAC technician’s job is to find out what is wrong with your AC and fix it. But there are things you can do in preparation for their arrival. Some simple steps can help get your ac repair completed faster or prevent the need for an ac service completely. your Gaithersburg home. Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning has some suggestions for you on how you can prepare for AC service.

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Prepping for AC Service

When your AC breaks down in the heat of the summer, it’s miserable for everyone in your household. The sooner you get it fixed, the better. How can you facilitate quick AC repair?

When you first call for AC service be prepared to provide the AC repair company with the make, model, and age of your current system. If you are already a client of Presidential Heating and Air Conditioning, we will pull up your records and review our notes to see when we last visited and the service(s) we performed.

The AC company should ask you a series of questions to help discover the problem with your air conditioner. There may be issues that can be resolved without the need for a visit. Will it not turn on? Does it turn on but blow warm air? Is the outside unit frozen? Is it making strange noises? When was the last time you changed the filter? Have you checked the fuse box? The answers to all these questions will better help troubleshoot the problem and better prepare your technician in the event an in-person visit is necessary.

When the AC Repair Technician Arrives

You can make your AC repair tech’s job easier and faster by ensuring that they have a clear path to the air conditioner, the thermostat, the electrical panel, and any other parts of your Gaithersburg home they may need to get to. A clear path is important both inside and outside the home. Due to the potential liability of injury and property damage, many companies will not allow their technicians to move bigger items such as furniture and storage boxes.

If you have pets such as dogs or cats, consider confining them to a bedroom while your AC repair tech is there. Smaller pets can get underfoot causing tripping hazards. And dogs can become territorial and aggressive.

The technician on site will likely take you through some additional questions. Be patient if some of the questions are the same as the ones you answered over the phone. They are trying to get a clear picture. If you haven’t changed your filter, have an extra on hand so your AC service tech can do that for you.

Best AC Service in Gaithersburg

At Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning, we appreciate our customers’ efforts in preparing for our AC repair techs’ arrival. We know that you, as homeowners, are doing the best you can to keep your HVAC equipment running smoothly and efficiently, and we consider ourselves your partners in this effort.

Call Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning of Gaithersburg when you need AC repairs or AC service.

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