Is Air Conditioning Installation Harder in an Older Home?

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Most homes in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and the surrounding areas have central air conditioners. Air conditioning became common in the area after World War II, bringing cool comfort to residents who had been suffering through the hot, humid summers here. But what about the holdouts who never got a central air conditioner? Is it hard to retrofit an old home with a central air conditioner?

AC installation

Air Conditioning Installation in Old Houses

The biggest factor in the level of difficulty in AC installation is whether the home in question has ductwork. Many Gaithersburg-area homes are heated with a forced hot air system, so the ductwork is already part of their home. In these instances, AC installation is easier.

Most air conditioning units are placed just outside the home, and the HVAC techs here at Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning then hook them up to the existing ductwork.

If your home has a boiler and radiators, however, there is no ductwork. We would have to install ductwork in order to complete the AC installation. This, of course,  adds significant expense. However, when you experience the convenience of central air conditioning, you will undoubtedly be pleased you made the decision to get AC installation.

Moreover, a house in Gaithersburg, Maryland, without a central air conditioner would undoubtedly be worth tens of thousands of dollars less than one with central AC. Central air conditioning is thought of today as more of a necessity than a perk.

AC Installation Limitations

In some areas of Montgomery County where historic homes are more common, such as in Takoma Park, you may need permission from the city or town to retrofit your older home with a central air conditioner, but this is uncommon in Gaithersburg.

Additionally, some older homes do not have insulation in the walls. This does not affect AC installation, but it does affect efficiency — of both the heat and the AC. Getting foam or cellulose insulation blown into your home can save thousands on energy bills over the years.

Older homes sometimes still have original windows, which are also bad for conserving energy. Getting new windows, insulation, and AC installation are upgrades that will make your Gaithersburg home much more valuable.

We are certain that once you get central air conditioning, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Bulky window air conditioning units are ugly, noisy, and darken every room they are in. They’re also more expensive to run than central air conditioning.

So there is no need to worry if you have an old home — our HVAC techs can still install central air conditioning for you. Call Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning today to make an appointment — before the dog days of summer.

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